“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

Welcome! My name is Vanessa.

I began playing with fabrics when I was a young girl. My dolls were the best dressed on the block! (Well, at least I thought so!)
While I am not a ‘young girl’ anymore, I still enjoy playing with fabrics. I love sewing with natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp. I also love finding vintage fabrics and re-purposing them.  I began quilting when I was a teenager and I still enjoy creating patchwork pieces.

The name Dancing with Fireflies was created when my 21 year old was much younger. She could play outside until it was dark and she saw the fireflies. One night she was having such a grand old time she protested coming in. “But Mom, I am dancing with the fireflies!” Ok, you caught me! If you are from the south you know she really said lightin’ bugs. Grant me some artistic license, please.

I currently teach elementary school by day and sew by night.
I am married with four children. (Ages 10-21). In my “free time” I love to sew, go thriftin’, spend time in the beautiful North Carolina mountains, and planning my next beach get-away!


Photo above: One of the original Dancing with Fireflies models. She is now 17.